Messaging Application Solutions

Push Messages (from System)

Send notifications to your customers or target audience engage customers, communicate and inform etc…

Use Case :

Send Transaction messages from Bank or credit card

  1. Send Messages to client on the preferred contact Channel be it SMS, Viber, WhatsApp etc.
  2. Send Unicode message to support user language preference.
  3. Send larger messages (except SMS) to users beyond the 70 character limitation of SS7
  4. Send attachments (with limitations in some platforms)

Implement a workflow to send transactional Messages to users based on preferred/alternate channel, cost, efficiency, delivery confirmation etc.

Two-way Messaging (Pull )

Take your customer engagement experience to next level with two way messaging on their preferred mode


Create Interactive Message Application using WhatsApp for Business, Viber for Business services. For Instance, Bank can send preapproved template from WhatsApp wherein Customer would get option to retrieve information as per convenience within WhatsApp,

BANK welcomes you to banking on WhatsApp. Your linked account number is XXXXXXXX4292 . Do try our smart banking features below by typing the number. For e.g. type A for Balance check and so on.

  1. Billed Amount
  2. Total Outstanding
  3. Transaction Enquiry
  4. Open to Buy Amount
  5. Last Payment
  6. Payment Enquiry
  7. Card Account Status
  8. Billing Cycle
  9. Statement to be sent
  10. Fees & charges Enquiry
  11. Rewards Points Enquiry
  12. Credit Limit available
  13. Billing Date
  14. Payment Due Date
  15. Courier Details

Video Chat

Convert a field visit to an online validation or a use video chat a preferred option to service your premium clients

Use Case:

Complete KYC using for a new Bank account activation for client , using WhatsApp and Facial ID validation using services like Microsoft Facial recognition.

Voice to Chat

Service your customers on WhatsApp when voice channels are full or not operational by integrating the Service.

Use Case:

Use the service to meet peak hour volume target as well as off shift customer request and optimize cost on servicing.

Unified Agent for Social Media Communications

A unified view for Agent to view communication across the platforms thereby getting holistic view of client engagement

Viber for Business through Secure communication via end-to-end encryption Trusted by clients use Viber solutions to reach out to customers both sending transactional messages or having interactive solution

SMS API : SMS achieves the highest reach with an open rate of 98%. Making global bulk text messaging easy and used for, Account alerts, Batch messages, Two-Factor Authentication alerts, Multipart SMS etc.

Twitter : Twitter provides the opportunity to be in direct contact with other Twitter users through public and private messages and have meaningful conversations with them. This makes Twitter a great place to handle customer feedback publicly and show the quality of your service.

Facebook Messenger: Expand your reach whilst increasing engagement. Reach out via favourite channel, ave the option to sell and complete transactions in-channel Create more brand awareness by linking ads to messenger

Skype: interact with customers in a personal conversation – using chat, voice or video, for entertainment, support, or commerce.

WhatsApp API : opens up a world of opportunities, messaging delivery statistics on secure communication with end-to-end encryption enhance customer experience and digitise Business processes

Telegram for Business : Telegram for Business Messaging offers several unique characteristics while being highly secure it provides the flexibility to share variety of rich content like, photos, videos, and more.

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