Invoice Me is a feature rich mobile app which makes your business more simple and perfect. Keep tracking on the entire activities under your business.
It is a collection of four mobile apps for Admin, Salesman, Warehouse and Delivery capable of useful tasks. With our simplified design, your business is now more simplified than ever.

Features :

  1. Sales of products, Warehouse processes, Delivery of products to the customers. Track entire processes using Admin app. Helps to prevent malpractices of employees.
  2. Easy to track and analyse sales and business growth. Individual sales, brand and product overviews. Real time Request/approval notifications.
  3. Customer management, Stock Management, Location tracking of order placements and Salesmen and delivery persons.
  4. Powerful Admin Control Panel.

Admin App

  1. Handles Customer price group changes , Orders with items to be confirmed, New item requests and Sales return approvals. Handles Customer price group changes, orders with items to be confirmed.
  2. Manage customer details.
  3. Track all orders based on branch, date, order status and payment status.
  4. Track users , such as Salesman and delivery person locations , locate order placed locations to avoid malpractices.
  5. Powerful reporting enables you to take control over all your business. Individual sales activity reports.
  6. Product overview based on brand , product category , salesperson and period of time.
  7. Stock management.
  8. Track new customer registrations under different branches.

Salesman App

  1. The sales person's app features the order placement related tasks.
  2. Add and Edit customer /shops.
  3. Customer class / credit changes.
  4. Track self made requests such as customer sensitive data changes , orders with new item and activities that require admin approvals.
  5. Track individual orders based on time period , order status and payment status.
  6. Track deliveries assigned.
  7. Sales overview features self analysis of performance , commision of total business and delivered orders.
  8. Scheduled visits helps to remember fixed customer shop visits.
  9. Real time push notification alerts.

Warehouse APP

  1. The warehouse person can process the new orders from various salespersons.
  2. Allocation of order for deliveries.
  3. Marking the order as pending on special cases.
  4. Editing order in the case of unavailability of order items.
  5. Track all orders based on the warehouse.
  6. Receive and process the sales return based on orders.

Delivery App

  1. Deliver orders, receive payments.
  2. Locate order locations with the help of maps.
  3. Marking the order as pending on special cases.
  4. Track individual performance in 'My Orders'.
  5. Sales return functionality.

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