Pewsitter Catholic News

Pewsitter is the largest Catholic news site on the web. We are a world wide news portal for information about the Catholic Church, religion in general, and about the culture wars of the day. Updated several times daily, we sort more than 2000 stories per day and publish only the most relevant and up to date articles on the site..

The Pewsitter app provides convenient access to the stories on Pewsitter in a format optimized for your phone or other mobile device.

  1. Allows user to share news with their diocese/bishop thru the app.
  2. Allows users to look up contact info for any US diocese directly from app.
  3. Allows you to browse through All stories or sort by Column.
  4. Links are optimized for mobile reading
  5. Automatic notification whenever main story is updated.
  6. Any stories accessed thru the app can easily be shared by email, Twitter, text or Facebook from within the app.
  7. Loads fast, light and easy to use.

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